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    A personal organizer must somehow convince a reclusive artist to give up her hoarding ways and let go of the stuff she's hung onto for decades.






    June Parker is trying to complete a "things to do" list for a woman who died before she could finish it herself—but can someone who's never given thought to her own dreams really make someone else's come to life?




    In the News

    •  Anderson Cooper Live

    Objects of My Affection was featured on Anderson Cooper Live as one of Ana Gasteyer's favorite things—it was so surreal seeing them holding & chatting about my book!


    •  On Connie Martinson Talks Books on PBS

    Connie Martinson has hosted Maya Angelou, Ray Bradbury, Gore Vidal, President Obama... and now me! (chatting about Objects of My Affection).  Warning:  some of the questions she asked me might be minor spoilers.

    Part 1


    Part 2


    •  My First TV Appearance... With "Mrs. Brady!"
    Here I am on Living Live TV with hosts Florence Henderson (yes, Mrs. Brady), and Meshach Taylor (from Designing Women) talking about what it's like trying to do one new thing every day for my life list.


    Objects of My Affection Book Trailer

    Here's a goofy little video I made to promote my new novel.  If you have a minute, watch it.  If you like it, please share it!  (That way, if this whole writing thing doesn't work out, there's always acting...)  

    The New York Times

    Morgan Freeman has a life list... and so do I.  The New York Times featured how my life list helped me discover a dream I didn't even know I had until I wrote it down.  Click here for 10 Things to Do Before This Article is Finished



    Reviews for Objects of My Affection


    "A humorous story of self-discovery."—Woman's World, on Objects of My Affection


    "Jill Smolinski's latest novel is about "stuff"—what you keep, and what you let go."—EasyReader author profile

    "A charmingly breezy tone marks this warm appraisal of our addiction to stuff."—Kirkus Reviews

     "Smolinski gracefully balances lighthearted humor with insightful musings on addiction, mortality, nostalgia, and affection, making this an entertaining and touching read."—Publisher's Weekly

    "Objects of My Affection would make a terrific book club pick."—Booking Mama

    "A moving look at the dangers of holding on to both objects and one's misconceptions, Smolinski's third novel will draw readers in through her flawed but sympathetic characters."—Booklist

    "Readers will root like crazy for (Lucy) Bloom."—New Haven (CT) Register

    “Smolinski does an incredible job of weaving together the stories of two willful women. . . and gives the often emotional storyline a genuine feeling of reality.” —Times Record News

    "Touching and humorous."—Norwalk Citizen (CT) 

    "Readers will love meeting the quirky characters in the story, and Smolinski excels at building characters who, in spite of their shortcomings, are likable."—

    "With laugh-out-loud lines sprinkled throughout this light romp, Smolinski has cleared a place for herself  on readers’ bookshelves."—Fredericksburg Free Lance Star

    "It’s like watching an episode of the reality TV series “Hoarders” without the gross-out factor. Unlike the home organizers from the TV show, Lucy takes the time to get to know Marva and to work with her in order to get to the root of why she can’t part with her stuff."—The Raonoke (VA) Times

    “A pleasant and engaging novel with likable protagonists who evolve.”—Library Journal

    "An immediately engaging book ... both funny and smart, a novel that will keep you reading — and keep you thinking even longer."—SheKnows

    "I loved this book and thought it had the perfect mix of humor and soulfulness that elevated it into a story that I won’t soon forget."—Raging Bibliomania

    "A warm, funny, sweet read that touches on the question what do we keep in our lives and what do we need to let go?"—A Bookworm's World

    "Very appealing and eye-opening"—Book Hog

    "I read Jill Smolinski's The Next Thing on My List and really enjoyed it, and I have to say I loved Objects of My Affection even more."—Gabi Books It

    "Smolinski's novel is a balm after my rash of bad reading choices - easy to read, great characters, smooth plot but with enough heart and introspection to make it interesting and worthwhile."—The Loud Librarian

    "The subject matter is heavy, but Smolinski writes with a humorous approach that keeps the novel from being depressing."—My Book Views

     "One of the best novels I’ve read in a long time."—Sheri's World

    "Absolutely loved it and want a sequel."—Kritter's Ramblings

    "A wonderfully witty and emotional story about two woman trying to find their way in life after losing the things that were so important to them."—Formulations of My Mind

    "Entertaining and heartwarming."—Fiction Addict

    "These characters are complex and maybe a bit like people we all know."—BookFan

    "Jill Smolinski has a gift for writing about the lives of women."—Lesa's Book Critiques

    "Objects Of My Affection is an entertaining story with more heart than I expected."—Write Meg!